Ahmet E. MENGEN is Naphtho Technical Group Co-Founder and acts as a Field Rejuvenation Advisor. Ahmet with over 19 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry focused on reservoir, production and well completion engineering matters for conventional and/or unconventional reservoirs.

He has industry recognized expertise in well tests, pressure and rate transient analyses, well reviews for optimization, artificial lift design, production monitoring, surveillance activities’ analysis and well integrity diagnostics & remedial actions. Ahmet demonstrates proficiency in performing complex tasks involving tight sand and unconventional reservoirs dynamic data evaluation, nodal analysis, production forecasts and reservoir/field performance evaluation.

Ahmet also worked with TPAO for 8 years, and last 11 years was with Schlumberger variety of technical roles in Europe, North Africa, CIS Countries, Middle East Countries. His recent assignment has been the project manager of unconventional resources exploration/development including shale gas, shale oil, tight sand gas, coalbed methane and gas hydrates. He is expert on hydraulic fracturing operations and he is responsible for managing a single project or several related projects in parallel from preparation of the conceptual studies stage to determine sweet spots, project proposal to commissioning the facility and performing post-completion analysis and the execution of assigned projects from development of the project proposal under the general supervision of the board of the companies. He has vast experience in coordination and collaboration of the subsurface and engineering teams at the department and division levels with project managements for operated asset portfolios and for start-up companies.

Ahmet is a Member of SPE, AAPG, and holds BSc. and MSc. degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey. Ahmet currently pursuing MBA degree from Anatoly University, Eskisehir, Turkey.