Petroleum Economics

Naphtho provides economic analysis and modelling for asset evaluation, decision and risk analysis and cashflow modelling.

Corporate Planning

We perform cashflow and financial modelling for corporate planning, finance and reserves based lending.

Contract Negotiation

Naphtho provides technical and economics support for contract negotiations, dispute resolution, due diligence and M&A activity.

Portfolio Modelling

Naphtho performs portfolio modelling and probabilistic economics using spreadsheet based Monte Carlo simulation and decision tree methods.

Fiscal Systems Analysis

Naphtho provides government agencies and oil companies with fiscal systems analysis to support licensing rounds and contract negotiations under tax-royalty regimes, production sharing contracts (PSC) and risk service contracts (RSC).

In House Software

Naphtho’s petroleum economists and consultants have experience in using a range of commercial software packages, but usually our clients require deliverables in MS Excel spreadsheets.

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