Regional Geology

Naphtho performs comprehensive regional geological evaluations, including:

  • regional structural and stratigraphic framework assessments
  • basin analysis, incorporating well and seismic data
  • the assessment of depositional model environments
  • reservoir architecture and property range prediction.

Exploration Play Analysis incorporates the identification and risking of plays and the play elements including Reservoir, Charge, Entrapment and Seal capacity.

Petroleum System evaluation assesses source rock maturity, models migration pathways, and identifies prospective areas from basin to licence scale, for licencing rounds and business growth opportunities.

Exploration & Appraisal Strategy Planning

Naphtho provides technical risking of exploration portfolios, and combines technical assessments with company priorities to generate optimised exploration strategies.

The identification and quantification of key subsurface uncertainties allows appraisal programs to be designed for cost-effective risk mitigation.

Reservoir Characterisation & Modelling

Field Development Plans rely on an accurate description of the reservoir geology. This requires integration of seismic and well data to build up a robust picture of the subsurface.

Reservoir characterisation studies include:

  • depositional environment assessment
  • facies identification
  • wireline log interpretation
  • core evaluation
  • well correlation
  • identification of flow units and barriers

The integration of geological studies with petrophysical and geophysical analyses yields conceptual reservoir models which can be encapsulated in geocellular models.

3D structural, facies and rock property modelling allows comprehensive uncertainty analysis, yields volumetric ranges and provides inputs to dynamic simulation models.

The models also provide the basis for designing development strategies, and hence feed directly into Field Development Plans.

Volumes & Uncertainty Analysis

Naphtho Geologists undertake a comprehensive uncertainty assessment on all subsurface elements of projects across the E&P cycle. This includes identification and quantification of all uncertainties to yield a suite of associated parameter ranges.

This facilitates the generation of reliable volume estimates via probabilistic and multi-scenario approaches. This in turn enables the development of optimal resource exploitation strategies, along with a full assessment of asset value and the associated risks.

In-House Software

Naphtho’s technical team when requires uses package of Petrel, a 3D geological modelling package that integrates all forms of geological data, enabling discipline experts to work together and make the best possible decisions.

Naphtho’s geologists and consultants are experienced users of all industry standard software packages and in-house developed modules and algorithms.

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