Business Development Director

Ethem Gungor serves as Naphtho Technical Group Business Development Director. In his role, he advises oil and gas companies as well as investors and government agencies, supports and follows commercial and strategic initiatives that adding value in this developing world.

Gungor, who started his business life at BP company, found the opportunity to work on offshore platforms at a young age and used his experience in quality control and certification process also specializing in the construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines and storage facilities, Gungor has worked for many years in both the quality control and operations of pipelines, refineries and oilfield modernization.

Gungor, who sees it as a debt to transfer his field experiences and the knowledge he gained in business life to younger generations, provides mentorship services to university students in this scope. Gungor also works as an approved Aramco, ASME and API inspector.

Gungor is a Member of SPE, ASME, API and holds MSc. degree in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (Welding Engineering) from Middle East Technical University and holds BSc. degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from State Oil Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan.