Hadi Ashtiani ABDI

Geomechanics Director

Hadi Ashtiani Abdi is Geomechanics Director of Naphtho Technical Group. He is an international petroleum geomechanics specialist with over 17 years of experience, working with national and international E&P and service companies like Schlumberger, Halliburton, and NIOC.

He served in different locations all over Middle East and South Asia like: Iran, Iraq, UAE, India, and Turkmenistan. Hadi is expert in Wellbore Stability, Hydraulic Fracturing, Sand Management, Casing Failure (collapse/ shear), Reservoir Compaction, and 3D/4D Geomechanical analysis.

He had cooperation in over 100 international projects all around the world having different roles like expert, project manager, consultant, or advisor. Hadi has worked with globally well-known clients like: Exxon, ENI, Total, HKN, MOL, DNO, Gazprom, Lukoil, Petro China, PDO, Cairn Oil and Gas, GSPC, NIOC and many other companies.

His main focus at the moment is designing, development and delivery of 24/7 ultra-reliable/ low latency drilling monitoring and optimization platforms to save time and cost of operations while drilling.

Hadi is a member of SPE and ISRM and holds MSc. degree in Petroleum Geomechanics from Science and Research University, Tehran, Iran. He also holds BSc. degree in Geology from National (Beheshti) University of Tehran, Iran.