Geology & Geophysics Director

Jenis Urazaliev is Geology & Geophysics Director of Naphtho Technical Group. He is a seasoned geoscientist with over 22 years of experience in exploration, operational geology, petrophysics and reservoir geology on various locations and operating companies worked under Production Sharing Agreements and Production Enhancement Contracts in Central Asia and Caucasus region.

Jenis has broad technical experience on both clastic and carbonate reservoirs as well as on fractured reservoir. Highly specialized on seismic interpretation, prospect generation and reserve estimation he led multinational teams of geophysicists, petrophysicist and reservoirs engineers for asset evaluation and exploration drilling; with production team and drilling engineers on well performance and production optimization. Jenis is strong team player with solid technical experience and ability to think beyond geoscience discipline. He mentored many young geologists on basics of exploration and operations geology, working on Petrel software; production and reservoir engineers on reservoir characterization.

Jenis hold MSc on Petroleum Geology and BSc on Exploration Geology from Tashkent State Technical University. He is also a Guest Lecturer in Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey) and Satbayev University (Almaty, Kazakhstan) for undergraduate and graduate classes for Reservoir Characterization class.