Nikitin Alexandr VLADIMIROVICH

Well Interventions Director

Nikitin Alexandr Vladimirovich is Well Intervention Director at Naphtha Technical Group. Alexandr has 28 years’ experience on managing well intervention services including, cementing, fracturing, acid simulation, site-track drilling and WO activities in Russian Siberia and Caucasus regions.

Alexandr is expert on optimizing workover plans and operations, complex well design and execution such as multilateral wells. He has designed and prepared numerous well programs for well bore cleanups, determining and ordering supplies and equipment such as the correct type and quantity of cement or tubing. He has further worked on utilizing analytical skills, practical experience and good judgement to evaluate, select, and recommend well control equipment, and to develop procedures and implementation plans, for completions, workovers and interventions. Alexandr directly assists to Naphtha clients for campaign of vertical, deviated and horizontal wells workover operations in clastic and fractured reservoirs.

Alexandr has started his career in Birsk Drilling Service’s in 1993 and moved to KogalymNefteProgress as a Field Service Supervisor and spent 12 years in different technical roles there. Alexandr then worked from 2006 to until early 2021 at Schlumberger – Petro Alliance company as Technical Director and Chief Engineer accordingly.

Alexandr hold a Drilling Engineering degree from Petroleum Institute of Ufa, Russia.