Formation Evaluation Director

Rustem Valiakhmetov is a Formation Evaluation Director at Naphtha Technical Group. Rustem has 11 years of experience on formation evaluation and reservoir characterization. Rustem demonstrated proficient petrophysics background history of working in the oil & gas energy industry. Rustem has extensive experience of supporting Wireline and LWD logging, data QC, processing, and analysis. He is highly skilled in well log interpretation, reservoir characterization and core-log integration. Rustem is highly organized, efficient, responsible, and able to deliver consistently high results in a challenging work environment. He is also able to liaise with all levels of staff and customers. Rustem is well competent in industry accepted software systems as Techlog, Petrel.

Rustem started his career in Schlumberger in 2011 as a field engineer and moved to Senior Petrophysicist role. He then later moved to PJSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya in 2020 as a project manager for developing an integrated petrophysical workflow for allocation of hydrocarbon resources in tight gas, unconventional, LRLC reservoirs. His expertise is integration of all the available log data to create a single probabilistic petrophysical model, which is then applied to all the wells in the field to generate uniform petrophysical results. He works closely with client reservoir engineers to achieve the optimal realization of the reservoir properties.

Rustem directly assists to Naphtha clients for prediction of oil and gas capacity of a single well in order so that the client can make the most economic decision to complete the well. Rustem works closely with other geoscientists and engineers and supports the multidisciplinary team with petrophysical data and support such as effective porosity.

Rustem hold a Petroleum Engineering degree from Kazakh-British Technical University, Almaty, Kazakhstan.