Expert Witness in Arbitration, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Naphtho personnel have significant experience acting as testifying experts in oil & gas arbitrations and litigations. Naphtho personnel have worked effectively with QCs, counsel and clients in cases across a range of jurisdictions.

We have provided our professional opinions on a number of technical, commercial and quantum issues relating to disputes in Europe, Africa, the Far East, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Naphtho applies skills and expertise to prepare clear, detailed and authoritative Expert Submissions and Responses. Naphtho’s experts are leading figures in their technical and commercial disciplines with deep expertise in:

  • Reserves & Resource Estimation and Audit
  • Exploration and Appraisal
  • Geology, Geophysics & Petrophysics
  • Field Development
  • Drilling and Well Operations & Production Technology
  • Oil & gas Operations management and Industry good practice
  • Petroleum Economics & Quantum
  • Strategy and Governance
  • Asset Management, Planning and Budgeting
  • Mergers Acquisitions & Divestiture

To augment its core team’s expertise, Naphtho can call upon a wider network of qualified experts in other specialist upstream technical areas.

Expert Determination at Naphtho

Naphtho offers a range of Expert Determination services for technical disputes, either acting for one of the parties providing technical advice and preparing submissions, or acting as the Expert performing the Determination.

Contract Negotiation Support

Naphtho provides integrated technical, commercial and management advisory services for the negotiation of oil and gas contracts for acquisitions, licensing and commercial operations.

Most commercial disputes are resolved through negotiation. Naphtho assist clients in resolving disputes by identifying the interests of each party and helping to identify reasonable and pragmatic solutions to maximise overall commercial value.

Unitisation and Redetermination of Equity

Naphtho partners have extensive experience in the technical and commercial aspects of the unitisation of oil and gas fields.

Naphtho provide full technical and commercial resources to assist in selecting an appropriate Basis of Determination, according to the unique technical and commercial circumstances of the field, and in the determination of unit tract participation and hence the determination of equity interests, and other key commercial terms in the Pre-Unitisation Agreement or Unitisation and Unit Operating Agreement.

In cases of technical disputes over unitisation, which are often subject to Expert Determination, Naphtho can prepare the submission of cases to the Expert, analyse opposing submissions and provide rebuttals submissions on behalf of unit participating parties.

Naphtho partners are experienced in performing the “Expert” role in unitisation and redetermination disputes.
Our core team members have worked on several major straddling field unitisation and redetermination projects in the North Sea, Europe and Africa.

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