Exploration Licence Management

Naphtho will determine optimal exploration strategies and data acquisition campaigns to de-risk your portfolio and mature opportunities prior to drilling and development.

We undertake licencing round groundwork through to application submissions, and are able to evaluate exploration farm-in opportunities and prepare and manage farm-downs and divestments.


Naphtho integrates sub-surface, engineering and economic analysis, to determine producible volumes and to define appraisal programmes that mature discoveries to resources. This requires the design of appraisal plans which effectively manage data acquisition and work programme execution to mitigate key sub-surface uncertainties.

Naphtho is able to undertake geophysical attribute analysis to aid structural and stratigraphic description of reservoirs.


Naphtho integrates geological and geophysical analysis within a play fairway-based framework and matures prospects through detailed seismic mapping and geophysical attribute analysis.

We can build plays and leads and build an inventory of prospects to drilling sanction; fully integrating geological, engineering and economic screening is part of that process.

We undertake geological, petrophysical and reservoir engineering evaluations, and assess drilling outcomes, to quantify volumetric ranges and sub-surface risk profiles.

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