Concept Selection & Project Definition

Naphtho will refine conceptual development options to a point where a single development scheme can be selected, and define the selected surface and sub-surface development scheme within a fully integrated field development plan.

Naphtho will prepare a basis of design to allow FEED tender and support the client in the FEED (project specification) tender & award process and project manage FEED studies. We will prepare well proposal documents and work with the client to define and refine the project execution plan.

Feasibility Studies & Appraisal Planning

Naphtho will assess the discovered resources, identify a range of development options, evaluate critical risks and develop an appraisal plan to enable the project to progress to Concept Select, by which stage at least one development scheme must be technically viable and commercially achievable. Feasibility studies address subsurface, wells, facilities and project risks and can include related commercial agreements.

Presentation For Asset Sale

Naphtho will support the client in preparing an evidence-based presentation of reserves and contingent resource potential of an asset with costed appraisal and development scenarios to demonstrate total asset value.

Final Investment Decision

Naphtho will prepare a formal Field Development Plan for submission to partners and regulators to support final investment approvals. The plan would include a resource assessment, integrated project execution plan, production and cost profiles, risk assessment and mitigations, and a life of field management plan to maximise value.

Field Life Extension

Naphtho will screen and identify activities to enhance or extend production from brown fields including infill drilling & workover campaigns, facility and associated infrastructure de-bottlenecking, and evaluation of secondary and tertiary recovery schemes.

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