Inorganic Growth (and Divestment) Strategy

The Naphtho team has been involved in numerous acquisitions and divestments. Our experience is international and spans from large company to small company and private equity. We can help you to formulate an overall approach which might include:

  • Target Geographies, Companies and Assets
  • Likely Competitors
  • Major Risks and Opportunities
  • Financial Partners and Banking Support

Company / Asset Evaluations

Naphtho offers comprehensive support for company and asset evaluations. Whether selling or buying our team can support you in determining appropriate company and asset values.

With more than 500 years of executive, commercial and technical experience and our international experience, the Naphtho team can help you to assess value, provide detailed insights on all manner of technical and non-technical risk and work with you to develop potential mitigation and management strategies.

M&A / A&D Processes & DD Support

We can act as your Business Development Manager or support your Business Development team and activities. Key processes we support include the creation and support or management of the following

  • Creating Market Teaser
  • Preparing Management Information/Presentation
  • Organising and Managing Data rooms
  • Organising & Scheduling Management Presentations
  • Coordinating Q&A
  • Preliminary and (later) Detailed target screening and evaluation
  • Management, Commercial and Technical Due Diligence
  • Preparation of Investment Decision Papers
  • Non legal SPA reviews
  • Negotiation support
  • Transition planning and implementation

We are not a financial advisor but we can provide support and advice to you in financial and commercial aspects, we can be your link to financial institutions in London and we can act as your in-house Corporate Development Team.

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