Depth Conversion Methods & Pitfalls

Naphtho provides Alan Atkinson’s established Depth Conversion Methods & Pitfalls 5 day classroom course. This gives you the understanding and skills needed to confidently:

  • Perform velocity analysis & depth conversion
  • Evaluate depth domain PSDM data
  • Understand the critical factors in-depth uncertainty

Hands-on training using mapping tools and spreadsheets

  • Learn analysis techniques to extract full value from velocity data
  • Take away spreadsheets & Excel skills which can be used directly for depth conversion or to inform your use of specialist software
  • Leave with experience of calibrating seismic velocity to wells, and having performed a layer cake depth conversion using a ‘V0k’ model

Theory lectures

  • Geological understanding of velocity
  • Velocity modelling including powerful linear functions (‘V0k’) and seismic velocity calibrated to wells
  • Practical depth conversion techniques & well tying methods
  • Time & depth image uncertainty
  • Seismic & well velocity uncertainty

Depth Conversion Methods & Petrel Workflows

The Depth Conversion Methods & Pitfalls class has been implemented in Petrel and is available as a 5-day in-house course

  • Attendees will gain all the benefits of the ‘Pitfalls’ course, including all the theory lectures
  • They will also become proficient in applying the techniques in Petrel

Hands-on training using Petrel and spreadsheets

  • Learn novel Petrel workflows to visualise and understand velocity
  • Efficiently use Petrel for depth conversion and sensitivity analysis
  • Take away a 200-page manual documenting all workflows taught, available exclusively on this course

Additional lectures

  • To help understand Petrel’s use of time-depth data
  • Describing all Petrel velocity models, detailing the most useful outputs
  • Explaining how to set parameters for the linear velocity (V0k) method

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